Anonymous asked:
i'm in rehab right now and oh fuck these pills are calling my name.

stay strong dude.

Anonymous asked:
Are you trying to quit suboxone and just be fully sober?

nah. i had run out of my script so i had to go through withdrawals until i got a refill.

dearest followers,

well now you all know how big of a pussy i am haha. make no mistake, buprenorphine withdrawal can be pretty fucking terrible (especially when you’ve been on it as long as i have), but i’m sure there are many other people going through worse times right now than what i just went through. i wanna say a collective thanks to every person who threw me support. you guys fuckin’ rock. 

sorry about the last few weeks. the blog has not been at the quality it can be, or should i say the quality i strive for. there was too much whiny complaining for my usual standards, but hey in the heat of withdrawal it kind of helps to vent here and there. in addition to that, i was on vacation for awhile and content wasn’t as steady. and in addition to THAT, i’ve got a bunch of y’all’s questions stackin’ up in my inbox.  

ANYWAYS THOUGH YA BOY IS BACK! you can expect thiscomplaininglife and thisabsentlife and thiswontanswermyquestionslife to depart and for thisopiatelife to return. 

thanks again homies.

Anonymous asked:
I don't do drugs or anything but I find your blog really interesting and I hope you get better sleep I hate having trouble sleeping.

thanks yo! 

imma sleep good tonight fo sho.

Anonymous asked:
VV you're really finding a hard time getting drugs in DETROIT? But that's none of my business..

hey, maybe they just moved there.

why don’t you hit them up, anon who knows where the drugs at.