thahybrid asked:
Just stool softeners and hella water usually does tha trick for tha constipation.
Anonymous asked:
When I started doing percs I started with 30s with no tolerance at all but I was trying to get really fucked up and I did two every time after that and I found one never really got me that fucked up even with no tolerance is that weird? I do have addiction in my blood from my dad though idk if that would have anything to do with it

yoooo don’t call 30s percs.

and no no just because your family has a history of addiction or your family contains the “addiction gene” doesn’t mean that your tolerance to certain drugs are higher. well i mean it’s possible that people in one family are built so that they can take more of a drug than another family, but i don’t think that’s relevant to this situation.

anyways i’m pretty sure the reason you can’t feel 30mg anymore is because you started frequently taking 60mg and built up a tolerance. your body is saying “this 30mg is alright, but i need more.”

good luck!

Anonymous asked:
Do u no a good cure for the opiate itch?

just itch it.

nah but i’ve read that antihistamines (ex: benadryl) help.

Anonymous asked:
I've done a shit-ton of googling and searching but I wanted to know your opinion. I used and kicked H several years ago but I recently started using hydros and oxys. I use Senakot for opiate related constipation because that's what I was told worked back in the day but it just hasn't been working the way it used to. Any suggestions?

i’ve always just kind of dealt with this problem haha so i’ve never really looked into treating it.

so followers, what do you use for opiate induced constipation?

Anonymous asked:
Hi! I was wondering if Molly only comes in powder form or if it's pressed as well?

correct me if i’m wrong followers but these days if MDMA is pressed you call it ecstasy and if it’s a powder (loose or in a capsule) you call it molly.

Anonymous asked:
Do you think a heroin overdose would be peaceful or painful?

i’ve read that in most situations, overdose is NOT a comfortable event.

Anonymous asked:
Can you give advice on how to properly get high off of Hydrocodone pills for the first time? How many should I take? Should I snort, swallow, etc?

swallow 10-20mg for your first time.

dogteeth12 asked:
Hookups in Tacoma WA?