Anonymous asked:
are you hot? can we be friends lol

oh, we’re not gonna be friends ;)

Anonymous asked:
I don't use opiates very often but I recently got my hands on a dozen hydros 5/325 and some 50mg tramadol. How much of the two should I cross to get a really decent high? I'm 5'7" 130lbs

click here, scroll down just a bit and you will see a couple answers about mixing hydrocodone and tramadol.

if you decide to take them SEPARATELY, for the tram by itself you should take 200mg at once OR take 50mg every 30mins or so (some people say stacking them like that is better). i would not exceed 200mg in a 24 hr span.

for the hydro by itself you should start out with 2 of those hoes, if in 40mins you don’t feel much take 1 more.

lung-butter asked:
50mg tramadol (M imprint one side, T7 on the other),does not have apap)

that anon wanted to know which opiates DO have apap. 

and most of the common tramadol pills do not contain any apap.

Anonymous asked:
I feel dumb but what is apap

apap is an abbreviation for acetaminophen, which is the drug in tylenol products.