georgewalkerbush asked:
Please, I need to know anyone who has hookups for anything in Buenos Aires! I know it's far fetched, but it would be great if someone could message me about it!


stay-vici0us asked:
Any opiate hookups in MA or NH??
Anonymous asked:
Do you think it would be possible to try heroin once without getting hooked?

possible yes. probable no.

Anonymous asked:
What's with the j31?
Anonymous asked:
Xanax plugs in Pembroke Pines,FL?
graveyardkids asked:
any opiate connects in SA TX?
Anonymous asked:
any hookups in spokane, wa???
pizzaruleshard asked:
Blues hookup in wester ma
marialarson13 asked:
Do you know of any hookups in southern California?

i don’t, but my followers might.